Log on - immediately logs off


Rick Hedin

Hi all.

My son Dan bought a fast computer at Best Buy recently.
Now as soon as he logs on, it logs him off. As far as we
can tell, there's no message. We see a brief glimpse of
his wallpaper.

Dan tells me that Best Buy didn't give him a CD or a
manual. I find this hard to believe, but anyway I don't
have anything to go to for more information.

By this description, do any of you recognize what's going




On Mon, 21 Jul 2003 06:50:30 -0700, "Rick Hedin" <[email protected]>

It's not Best Buy that didn't supply a manual or CD, it's the
manufacturer of the PC that didn't. But in any event, Best Buy has a
very liberal return policy. Just tell your son to return the PC to
Best Buy - have them repair it or issue a refund.

Rick Hedin

Hello C.S.

Well, not in this case Best Buy doesn't have a liberal
return policy. They tell us that "it is a software
problem, and therefore not our concern." They suggest
that we contact e-machines. We bought this computer about
30 days ago.

So, I guess no one recognizes this behavior, eh? Computer
immediately logs you off when you log on.



Down Home

Ask for store manager and TELL THEM (don't ask) you are returning this and
want it fixed or a refund. Does'nt matter what they "think". LEAVE the
computer with them , no matter what they say, and TELL THEM you will call in
a couple of days. Let them know you will be contacting Ron Boire, Clark T.
Becker and if necessary Richard Schulze.

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