User Accounts in Domain Root



We are currently using Novell's DirXML to synchronize NDS
User accounts and security groups to Windows 2000 AD.
The DirXML has been configured in the past to synchronize
these objects with AD, specifically they are placed in
the root of the Domain, versus the built-in User
Container, or a specifc OU.

The question is, will this have an impact on the AD
environment, and if so, what impact could we observe?
Again, this is an environment that I have recently
inherited, so I'm playing catch-up to make it right.

Steven L Umbach

The user accounts should work fine. What you will lose is flexibility in delegation
of authority and the flexibility to organize users by Organizational Units including
the ability to apply Group Policy to the OU. You still could apply different Group
Policy user configuration to users through the use of multiple Group Policies at the
domain level and then "filtering" the different policies by groups using read/apply
permissions to the specific GPO if need be. -- Steve

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