User Account and Password Trouble-Help Please



My partner tried to create a new user account for the rest of the family on
his computer named Family, but when he tries to log onto the new account, he
gets a long error message that says: "Windows cannot log you on because your
profile cannot be located. Check that you are connected to the network (he
is) or that your network is functioning correctly. If this problem persists
contact your network administrator. The system cannot find the specified
file". There are 3 computers on the network in the household and all the
computers connect to the internet just fine. He has an Administrator
Folder, his User Profile folder, a Shared User Folder and he went in and
manually added a Default User folder in Documents and Settings, but no Guest
Folder, no Family folder and the Default User folder is empty.
I don't know if this problem is related to the User Accounts or not but
when the password box comes up on the Welcome Login Screen and we type in the
passwords there are no characters in the box, no black dots, or square boxes,
just blank spaces. I know you can't see what letters and/or numbers you type
for passwords anyway, but I can't tell if I've typed anything when it's blank.
Any help or advice with these problems will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
in Advance!

hmmm... let see
your partner created an acct name family on his pc. right?
if just created it by default, when one login on his pc with the family
account, it will automatically create a folder/profile c:\documents and
now if the pc is running server os(windows 2003, windows 2000 server
editions) , and other pc can be part of the domain and use the same acct
without any work on the pc.

for home based using xp home or pro, it may be possible to specify the
location for the user home folder in which case one would have to give
appropriate permission

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