User accepts meeting requests, meetings not added to calendar



I have a user who can accept meeting requests, but the meetings are not added
to his calendar.

If I send a test request to him, he receives it, is able to accept, and I
receive the accept notification, but the meeting does not show up in his

I have checked his time zone and clock settings, and they are all correct.

His meeting requests are not viewed by anyone else, and he is not deleting
the request email from any other client or handheld.

Outlook is on-line and synched with the Exchange server.

Does anyone have any suggestions where to look next?





Make sure the delivery location is set to the account on the server if that's
where you expect to the see the meetings. Tools menu > Email Accounts >
click on the Next button and look in the bottom left. There's a drop-down
list under "Deliver new email to the following location:". If you are
running Outlook on a server, this should be set to the user's Mailbox, not to
"Personal Folders". If it says "Personal Folders" then he will have a
duplicate calendar in his personal folders and that's where the meetings are
going. Other users will not be able to see his free/busy data because it
will be in the calendar that's stored in the pst file on his hard drive.


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