Delegate - Want to Create Rule for Boss's meeting requests




I am a delegate to three people, two of whom have me set up to receive
copies of their meeting requests. One of those users does not want me to
manage his calendar (I only asked for all requests to receive the replies for
those occasional meetings which I set up on his calendar).

We are using Outlook 2003. Is there any Rule I can create so that the
copies of his meeting requested can be diverted to one folder?

The best I could find is to set up a rule for "Meeting Requests" with
PersonA in the To:(Required) field. But, if both of my bosses (PersonA and
PersonB) are in the To: (Required) field, I will miss accepting PersonB's
meeting to his calendar, while everything will be fine with PersonA as he
wants to accept his own requests.

Any ideas?

Thank you!
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