Use named table in workbook as source for pivot tbl in other workb



In Excel 2007 I have a table named BidBookData on Sheet 1 in Workbook A. I'd
like to create a pivot table in Workbook B that uses the data in the
BidBookData table in Workbook A as the source. Inside Workbook B when I try
to create the pivot table using Insert, Pivot Table,Use an external data
source, choose connection,browse for more...I can navigate to Workbook A but
it doesn't list BidBookData as a table in Workbook A. All it shows is
Sheet1. Is there any way to connect to a specified table? I know the table
exists in Workbookk A because I can see it listed as the table name under
Table Tools in Workbook A. Please help.



Debra Dalgleish

You could start by selecting a cell in the BidBookData table.
Insert a pivot table, and select a sheet in WorkbookB as the destination.

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