Pivot tables - Editing the data source shared by multiple pivot ta



Hi, I've got multiple pivot tables reports in an excel workbook that all
share the same data source, which is a microsoft access query. I now want to
add a couple of extra fields to the report ... so, i can add this to the
microsoft access query, but it doesn't show up in the pivot table report
automatically when I refresh it. So I open up the pivot table wizard on the
first report and edit the data source to include the extra data fields.
However it's only updated on the report i edited and not any of the other
ones that share this data source. If i go into each of the other reports and
repeat the process, the workbook quadruples in size. Surely there must be an
easier way to update all the reports without having to redo the entire
workbook from scratch.

Jim Thomlinson

Once you have created your first table then the rest of the tables should be
based off of the first. Select the second table. Right click and bring up the
wizard. Back up to where you select your data source. There is an option for
basing this table off of another existing table. Select that option. Now both
tables use the same pivot cache and chages made to the first also appy to the

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