USB2 for old Machines


Alan Secker

I'd like to add a USB2 socket on the front of several of my machines so
that my staff can use flash memory pens. Does anyone know of an adapter
that deliver acces to the front of case, say with a 3/5 inch slot panel?





Alan said:
Thanks but it needs an existing USB port to connect to, apart from being
on the wrong continent. Know of anything that can connect from inside the
case. i.e. from the motherboard?
I don't know much about what connectors are standard for USB -- my
mother board as a 2x2 job for it's USB 1.1 connection, but I suspect you
could fix it up with a soldering iron and the appropriate connector.
Sadly, I do not know where to tell you to get that connector.


This has both a straight through a 5 pin motherboard header connector.
It's 5" though, but you can still use the tray to mount a 3.5" standard
size hard drive so it's not completely wasteful. Only has 2 ports on it

If you don't mind blocking a PCI-panel in the back of the case and
connecting from the rear you can save a little money and go with this
(provided you have 2 5 pin headers or a 10 pin):

Soyo makes a more ideal solution that fits in a 3.5", but I don't have a
link handy.





You might also get some inspiration from these folks who make a
customizable tray you can configure however you want. They also sell
parts to just go about it without a tray and drill right into the case
if you wish and mount your own custom ports. ;-)

Always nice to have an option like this for what the case leaves off.



Found the Soyo links... :)

BayOne Extreme. 3 USB ports, Flash Media, and some other junk. Connects
to the motherboard header as you wanted, and cheap. $29.99 Standard 5"
space, but the memory card reader pops out and you can use it on other
machines via USB which is kind of handy.

BayOne XP 1 USB port, Flash Media...yadda.. $19.95
Though you only get 1 port, it can fit in a floppy drive space.

So given all of those I listed you should have no problem as long as
your motherboard has a header for it, and if it doesn't, a USB 2.0 card
is pretty cheap these days.




Geir Klemetsen

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