For Sale i3 Desktop Unit


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Mar 5, 2002
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Computer spec:

MSI H110M PRO-VD Plus motherboard

Intel i3 3.9Ghz twin core 7th Generation Kaby Lake 7100 CPU

Corsair Value Select memory 8Gb DDR4, single module

Coolermaster ATX Desktop case

Corsair VS450 Power supply

Sony DVDRW optical drive

Startech 3.5” Trayless hot swap SATA mobile hard disk rack

80Gb SATA Hard drive

Additional USB ports provided at rear with a pair of port brackets giving 2 x USB2 and 2 x USB3 sockets.

All components purchased August 2017 except:
Power supply purchased less than a month ago
USB2 port bracket; DVDRW and 80Gb Hard disk – all around five years old.

The computer uses onboard audio and video via the motherboard and CPU. CPU using the stock Intel cooler.

The 120mm fan fitted to the side of the case is connected and working, the 120mm fan fitted to the top of the case works but is not connected at the moment.

Currently has Windows 7 Ultimate installed with Service Pack 1 and all latest updates.

The Hard Disk caddy fitted to the case enables the user to swap hard disks thus enabling the use of different operating systems such as Linux Distros and Windows 10. Add hard disks as necessary.

There is room in the case to add one more SATA hard disk.

Pricing the hard disk and pair of USB port brackets at a total of £10 the cost of putting this machine together was £360.00. I’m selling it as it is no longer needed.

This is a fine, fast, office and internet machine and will also run some games that aren’t too heavy on graphic requirements. It plays video files, DVD's and audio effortlessly. The case can be stood either horizontal or vertical. In horizontal position a monitor can be stood on top. If required to stand vertical please request a set of stick on feet which I will supply.

The buyer will need to add Mouse, Keyboard, Monitor and loudspeakers (or headphones).

£165.00 including postage to mainland UK. For elsewhere in the world ask for quote.






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