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What components do I need for a USB Mouse?

I have a mouse that the Found New Hardware Wizard calls a "Logitech USB
Optical Mouse" . I have added some of the Logitech components (like
"Logitech USB Wheel Mouse") to my configuration. But the device is

Within the Found New Hardware Wizard, I go to a list of specific devices and
the list does not include the Logitech USB devices that I put in Target

Are there some other components that I need for a USB optical Mouse?

Mike Warren

Bart said:
What else can I try?

Do you have any unresolved dependencies?

Does any USB devices (eg. keyboard or standard mouse) work?

Make sure these are included:

PnP (Kernel-mode)
PnP (User-mode)
USB Human Interface Device
USB Root Hub

If that still doesn't work, and you have no unresolved dependencies, try
adding Generic "Device Driver Support" and checking "Mice and other
pointing devices" in the component settings.


I can use other USB devices without driver issues.

There are no unresolved dependencies.

Here is the odd thing. I plug the mouse into another XPE device that I have
whose OS Image was built by somebody else and the mouse works fine. I check
Device Manager and find the mouse is using two driver files, mouclass.sys and
mouhid.sys. I apply a fileter in Target Designer and find many of the mouse
components have the mouhid.sys file. But I find no component that has the
mouclass.sys file. Is there a problem with the components?

I am using XPE with FP2007.


I don't see the "Mouse Class Driver" component. Is this the right name for it?

Also, I added the "Generic Device Driver Support" component. I do a
dependency check and everything is fine. Yet when I build the image I get an
error of a missing file "usbb.inf"

Within the "Generic Device Driver Support" component I check in the settings
the entries for
Universal Serial Bus controllers
Mice and other pointing devices.

So what is off here?


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