USB Memory Stick Safe Removal Problem


Keith Snyder

I had to have a hard disk replaced, and cloned the old drive to the new.

This is XP, SP3.

Anyhow, I put very current files on memory sticks for backup before bringing
my machine into the shop.

Now, when I retrieve a file from memory stick, all goes well until I
dismount the memory stick. It dismounts,
but after "Safe to Remove" message, I get an access exception. I'm in the
habit of safe removal even when
not necessary.

I found the Dr Watson log, it's a little lengthy to post. rundll32.exe seems
to report the error if I understand the trace right.
My guess is, HotPlug.dll?? is trying to release storage it no longer has.
But that's just a guess.

Here is part of Dr. Watson

*----> State Dump for Thread Id 0xf98 <----*

eax=00000282 ebx=00000000 ecx=77944adb edx=7c90e514 esi=0007f394
eip=687748be esp=0007fccc ebp=0007fcd4 iopl=0 nv up ei pl nz na po
cs=001b ss=0023 ds=0023 es=0023 fs=003b gs=0000

*** ERROR: Symbol file could not be found. Defaulted to export symbols for
C:\WINDOWS\system32\hotplug.dll -
function: hotplug!CreateLocalServerW

Then there is a masm listing of the routine, which I assume is the one in

Any ideas? Do you want all of Dr Watson trace?



Tim Meddick

Change the drive's setting (Device Manager > Disk Drives > Your
Memory Key > Properties > Polices) from 'Optimize for quick removal' to
'Optimize for best performance' to see if this makes a difference. Reboot
after the change before testing.

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