USB drive - Access denied for add/modify



I can read/copy the folder/files from the USB drive (thumb drive and USB hard
disk), but when i try to create folder or copy a file, i am getting
"Unable to create New Folder access denied" error.

But in safe mode i can copy files/folders to the USB drive.

I tried the following options but problem still exists,

1. Unchecked the "Tools/Folder Options/View/ Use simple file
2. Right click -> Properties in the existing folder in USB drive, Security
tab NOT found. (But the security tab is available in other drives of my
internal HDD)
3. Tried the USB drive in other systems, it is working fine(write/read)
without any issue.

Note :
* Formatting the drive working fine. I tested by formatting with both FAT
and FAT32 from the affected system as well as other system where the USB
drive is accessible.
* In command prompt "E:>dir" shows the folder and files.
* In command prompt "C:> copy c:\test.txt e:\test.txt" gives "access denied
0 file(s) copied" error.

How to solve this issue?



Yes, I tried in other computer its working fine (ie i can copy/create file to
the USB drive).

Even in my computer it works fine in safe mode.



No, it is FAT32 format.

Their is only two options available FAT and FAT32, when i format USB drive
by right click -> format option.

Note : I tried both FAT and FAT32 format.
Even i tested by formatting USB drive in affected and working system, but
same issue in all cases.


Open Windows Explorer
Click on the root of the folder in the thumb drive.
In Explorer's toolbar select: Tools/Folder Options/View tab.
Scroll down to the end of the "Advanced Settings box".
Is "Use simple file sharing" checked?


I disabled my "Threat protection" of my anti virus, now i can write/copy to
thumb drive.

Thank you all for your support.

"Tools/Folder Options/View/ Use simple file
sharing(Recommended)" is unchecked in my root of thumb drive.

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