USB device not installed



Hi out there,

I wanted to attach a TomTom Go 720T to my Windows Vista Home Premium
notebook. Unfortunately Vista does not install the necessary USB mass storage
driver and for that does not recognize the device. In device manager this is
shown as "unknown device".

I'm not able to use it and TomTom support told me that only the basic USB
mass storage driver is needed and that is produced by the OS vendor.

Does anybody can help me out here?!

Thanks in advance!

Colin Barnhorst

Vista does not require installation of usb drivers. They are in the system.
Is the device certified for Vista? It may not be a supported device, but
that should not be because of the usb mass storage driver. That is already


If you want, you can always try to go to the manufacturer's website and
download a driver off there.


As you can see in my post I already tried to get a driver for that device.
Unfortunately TomTom told me that a standard OS driver is used and that the
manufacturer for the OS is responsible for that.


I'm not sure whether the TomTom is a certified device by Vista. That's the
worst case: TomTom telling that MS is responsible for the standard driver and
MS telling that this device is not certified.

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