USB Controller Meltdown or Just Vista ?



Alright... I'm perplexed ! I have a somewhat unique set up that was running
fine up until a few days ago... I use a Microsoft "Enterainment Desktop
7000" keyboard and mouse (bluetooth) along with a Targus USB numeric key pad
(the MS keyboard doesn't have # keys)...

Along with vista loosing it's mind with regard to "sleep mode"... the "5"
key on the key pad seems stuck... ahhh... but it's not... it started with
the system sounding off with the repeated "clicking" noise from the
motherboard speaker... like the old buffer overflow when a keyboard key
would stick... if i click "start" in vista, the # 5 is filling in the "start
search" field... disconnect the key pad and it goes away... plug it back in
and fires right back up again...

Now... I've reinstalled the Nvidia chipset drivers, done a couple system
restores to previous "ok" states, reinstalled the video drivers, tried it at
both the default and overclocked settings below, tried all my USB devices in
different USB ports, did a virus and spyware scan, and tested the key pad on
a different vista 32-bit ultimate machine (it worked perfectly)...

SO... short of doing a clean install of vista (spits on the ground), might
it be a USB controller problem ? Any way of diagnosing that ? Anyway of
configuring the bios to manage voltages, etc. to the controller, etc. ????

I'm perplexed... any ideas would be most welcomed... system specs below...

thanks... m

USB DEVICES: LG DVD-RW DRIVE, Western Digital 750GB External Disk Drive, MS
Bluetooth Receiver (for the keyboard/mouse), MS-VX-6000 CAM, CyberPower
Battery Back-Up

CPU: QuadCore Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6700
O/S: Windows Vista Ultimate - 32 bit - SP1
RAM: 4 GB (1GB Sticks) Corsair XMS2 CM2X1024-6400C4 @ 4-4-4-12-2T
GPU: EVGA GeForce 8800 GTX (768 MB) Driver Version - 180.48
OC'd with Precision 1.3 to: Core Clock: 605 - Shader Clock: 1350 - Memory
Clock: 1075

CPU - 3.010 @ 7x - 1.31875V
FSB - 1720 @ 1.4V
SPP - 1.50V
MCP - 1.55V
SPP <> MCP - 1.30V
RAM Linked and Synced @ 860 Mhz @ 2.1V

Charles Tomaras

Does he the keyboard function properly connected to another computer? I'd
certainly eliminate the possibility it's an external hardware issue before I
did a reinstall of the OS. I know the timing makes it seem unlikely, but the
keyboard could be the culprit and is the easiest thing to diagnose.


Thank you... I tried that too and the keyboard's working fine on another
system... re-installed the keyboard/mouse drivers too by the way...


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