PowerPoint URGENT - PowerPoint help needed!!!

May 13, 2011
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I have read every single thread on embedding a .WAV file into a PowerPoint presentation and not a single one is working. Here is my situation:

1) I changed the max sound file size to 50,000 before I insterted my file, which is smaller.
2) The file is a compilation of .MP3 files that I merged together on Audacity and converted into an .MP3
3) Then I made that .MP3 look like a .WAV using CDex.
4) The .WAV file will play in Windows Media Player
5) If I insert an .MP3 file into my presentation it will work
6) I've tried making it work with the .WAV file in the same folder as the presentation and in different folders.
7) I've tried making the path to the presentation and the .WAV file shorter.
8) It is already set to play across slides.

What else is there?!?! I've worked too hard on this presentation to stop now. I'm near tears. Please someone have an answer.

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