upgrading to windows 2000 help



I am trying to upgrade my computer from windows 98 to
windows 2000. I have 2 hard drives, one with 2 GB that is
practically full (around 50 MB available space) and
antother that has about 8.5 GB full. Windows 98 is
installed on the full drive. When i try to upgrade I am
told that i do not have enough disk space. I am assuming
that since windows 98 is installed on the full drive then
that is the drive I would have to install the new version
to as well. Is there any way around this so that I might
be able to install windows 2000 to the D drive and forego
having the erase files on my D drive? Is there a safe way
to move files from my full drive to my empty drive that
will not cause pathing and "file not found" errors. What
can I do? Any help would be appreciated.


It occurs to me that I may not have 2 different hard
drives, as this is a laptop. It may be one hard drive
partitioned into a C and D drive, of which the C is the
full 2 GB drive and the D is the empty 9 GB. How can I
verify that this is on partitioned drive or 2 seperate
drives? Does it matter? Thanks


Get a Zip disk.. back your information you wnat to keep
up.. and re-format the single drive to one large partiton.


you can choose which partition to install to during the text based setup of
win2000 and put it on the partition that is your D drive without reformatting
the drive. however, you wont be able to upgrade that way

you could instead empty the D drive partion and use partion magic to combine
the two partitions making it into a single drive and then do the upgrade
without loosing your windows 98

this all assumes that it is indeed a single drive. you can verify that by
running fdisk and see if there in one or two dirves. if there are two there
would be and option 5 in the first menu that allows you to choose which drive
to work on

if you actually had two drives you could put a system on drive d and copy
all the files (this is tricky because of hidden files) to that drive then
remove the c drive and, assuming you now boot from what was the d drive as the
c drive, you could then upgrade, having lots of space.

now that i think of it, you could copy the "windows" and "program files"
folders" to the d drive and it would probable upgrade that without all the
trouble of my other suggestions. i would try this first. it may not work
because the registry entries are all C: but the setup program might fix those

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