upgrading mobos, can I do it without reinstalling win2000?



I have an Intel D850GB with a 1.5Ghz P4. I need to upgrade because the 1.5
is painfully slow. When I manipulate things in my software the1.5 maxes out
for long periods of time before finishing. I have plenty of RAM so the proc
speed is the problem (or the buss speed). I would like to upgrade to some
newer Intel Chipset and an 800Mhz bus processor with hyperthreading. I
don't want to reformat and reinstall win2000 because i have a lot of stuff
installed. Has anyone been sucessful at upgrading a mobo and proc without
reinstalling win2000. I have read in several magazines that you need to do
a fresh install. Just wondering if there is something in the registry that
could be changed that would make win2000 redetect the chipsets and drivers
for same. Anyone else have a better idea?



David Bullock [MSFT]

Hi Skier,
A clean installation is the best way to go. You'll end up (after a clean
installation) with a more stable and reliable system.

If you're set on trying to make this work without a clean installation, do
the following, but understand this is not guaranteed to work, and you'll
probably spend more time working through this than you would doing the fresh

- BACK UP all of your important data (please don't skip this step!)

- Install the new System Board

- Boot from the Windows 2000 CD and perform an in-place upgrade (reinstall
Win2K "over itself")


David Bullock, MCSE, MCSA, A+
Windows NT/2000/2003 Setup Support

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Bruce Chambers

Greetings --

Normally, unless the new motherboard is virtually identical to the
old one (same chipset, IDE controllers, etc), you'll most likely need
to perform a repair (a.k.a. in-place upgrade) installation, at the
very least (and don't forget to reinstall any service packs and
subsequent hot fixes):

How to Perform an In-Place Upgrade of Windows 2000

What an In-Place Win2K Upgrade Changes and What It Doesn't

If that fails:

How to Move a Windows 2000 Installation to Different Hardware

Bruce Chambers

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