"Upgraded" to IE7 - Back to IE6 - New Problem




I stupidly upgraded to IE7 and I hated it. It was slow and confusing. Also,
I was unable to check my work e-mail from home with IE7. I did not know how
to go back to IE6, so I did a system restore to about a week before the IE7
download. I have IE6 back, but something is wrong with it. When I click on
the icon, my computer freezes. After about 3-4 minutes, the window finally
opens and I can navigate the web. However, every time I try a new page or
link, I get a temporary freeze. Any ideas? Thanks!

Richard in AZ

You should have uninstalled IE7 first. It was in the Add/Remove applet in the Control Panel.
Had you installed it, it would have restored IE6.
Now you have a mess.

You might try system restore back to a day after you installed IE7 and then try to uninstall it.
But that is a guess. I would wait for one of the MVPs to advise you.


As with W Update, I would have imaged the OS too. After all,
if they cant write install pgm correctly they probably cant
do any better on the uninstall!

Just my 2¢ worth. Larry

You should have uninstalled IE7 first.

Any advise given is my attempt to show appreciation for all
the excellent help I've received here but I'm no MVP so it
may only apply NUGS (Normally, Usually, Generally, Sometimes :)

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