Upgraded Disk not Reporting Available Space

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I have upgraded a Dell laptop's harddrive. I used Acronos True Image and
cloned the existing system drive (c) to an external USB drive. Swapped a
40gb for a 120gb. Used the closed partition and restored it onto teh new
120gb drive. However the system is only reporting the original 40gb being
available. O/S is WinXp Home and the Disk Management utility dows not show
the other approx 80gb available to partition to another driver letter. Don't
think I can use FDISK since this is WinXp. How can I get the remaining space
made available to the O/S?

Thanks in advance.



Andrew E.

"Other 80gb as being available",the old hd doesnt have 40gb of data on it,
with a mirrored hd,the new hd should show 80-95 % free (unused space,approx)
...Either way,first format the hd,install it solo or with old,boot to xp
type in recovery:DiskPart In DiskPart,create a partition on new hd,press ESC
key when thru,type:FORMAT D: /FS:ntfs D: being the new hd,type:EXIT When
thru,retry the disk copy software..Also,once that finished & both hds are
to be
used together,set BIOS to boot to new hd.

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