CD writer and DVD writer both reporting blank data on my discs...



even though they have data on it. Situation has created lockups as well.

This weekend I upgraded my OS from Windows 2000 to Windows XP Pro.

It has the issue reported in this article:

I tested the upgrade on my previous harddrive that had win 2000 (40gb),
before trying it on my current harddrive (120gb). Wanted to make sure that
the upgrade didn't mess anything up. The 40gb install appeared to go
smoothly, however can't really state whether it had the reading problem,
since I didn't bench test it long enough. The first attempt on the bigger
hard drive resulted in a messed up install and was unable to "recover" from
CD properly. Mostly had issues with network hardware while boot drive was the
120gb one, but no networking issues when boot drive was the 40gb. Finally
ended up using the Seagate Disc Wizard software to mirror the 40gb drive to
the 120gb drive.

Now I'm in a pretty good state for Windows XP PRO, except that often, both
my CD-writer and DVD-writer will report a blank disc is installed even though
I know the disc is not empty. If I reboot, I usually get one access to either
drive, after that they start reporting blank disc. In the case of a DVD data
disc in the DVD reader it will report that the disc is a CD data disc. Reboot
and all is well once.

The article describes my problem to the letter, but the fix doesn't apply, I

My next steps are to
1)go to Device Manager, "uninstall" the two drives.
2) disconnect the power to both drives
3) reboot so XP then knows no optical drives exists
4) shutdown and reconnect the power to the DVDwriter
5) reboot and let XP recognize that a DVD writer has been added and hope for
the best that XP will pickup the right drivers

This may be over kill, but simply "reinstall" driver didn't work for me.

Man-o-man am I lamenting upgrading to XP from win2000. Doing a clean install
is the last ditch approach and would require re-loading tons of

I might buy another hard drive and do a clean install, and slowly over time
reload the software I need, by making the newer harddrive the boot disk when
I want to load the old software.

any help will be appreciated.






Thanks so much for the links. I didn't want to respond until I tried for a
few weeks...good news...knock on seems to have done the trick.


Happy In Sarasota

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