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Anybody any idea whether I'd be able to replace the onboard graphics
with a dedicated graphics card on the system below? I'm thinking of
getting this machine but only if I can upgrade the graphics.

Base Unit

Intel Pentium 4 531 HT processor (3GHz)
512MB Ram (667MHz DDR2)
160GB 7200RPM Ultra-ATA 133 hard disk drive
18X LG SuperMulti DVD+/-/Ram drive
Intel 945GZ mainboard
800MHz FSB
Intel GMA950 graphics
1 x PCI-Express(16X) slot
2 x PCI slots
Gigabit LAN
5.1Surround Sound audio
Mini-ATX case
300W PSU
Dimensions 374mm(H) x 374mm(W) x 415mm(D)

Operating System:

MS Windows XP MCE2005
Free upgrade voucher to MS Windows Vista

5 x USB
2 x PS/2
1 x VGA
1 x parallel
2 x serial
Audio in
Audio out

Mike Walsh

Install a video card in the 16X PCI-E slot. Disable the onboard graphics in the BIOS.


Thanks Mike. Presumably any of the newer graphics cards can go in the
PCI-E slot?

Mike Walsh

The newest graphics cards are PCI-E. There are many AGP and some PCI cards still available.

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