[Update] POP Peeper 2.4


Henry The Mole

New version released for this great mail tool.

What's new:

* Built-in compose capability allow messages to be sent via SMTP or WebMail
* Check multiple accounts simultaneously; number of accounts is user-defined
* Specify different mailcheck intervals for each account
* Optional Tray Icons can indicate which accounts have new mail and how many
* Support for XP Style
* Option to automatically download WebMail plugin when available
* A "Notification" API allows unlimited options for notifying users of new messages:

Current notification plugins include:

Skinnable popup window

ScreenSaver that indicates the number of new messages in each account

+ New display filter: show only new messages

+ Full support for all WebMail services (attachments support added for newer
+ Drop down selection on "Check Mail" button to allow selected accounts to
be checked

useful for users utilizing the "Message Mode" view
+ A more intuitive interface
+ Tooltip information displays extended information for message list
+ TLS support for POP3


Kindly regards.

Josh Randall

Anti_Freak_Machine said:
Thanks man! I see lots of stuff was added.

I just installed that yesterday and love it. With that, and Thunderbird, I'm
pretty much set, except for a news reader. Still using OE for that. But I
think I've tried ALL of these over the years. From Agent to T-Bird, from
X-news, to Rover, from Gravity to Mozilla...........OE has the simple
interface I like, but it's still a M$ product.................


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