[Update] Messenger Plus! Extension v3.52.130



Messenger Plus! Extension v3.52.130

Overview :

designed to add functionalities to the Instant Messaging program from
Microsoft called MSN Messenger (also known as Windows Messenger). This
program is absolutely free to use so give it a try! Ever wondered how
to... automatically save your chat logs? - quickly hide your
conversations from your boss, at work or at school ? - personalize your
away status ? - know how many mails are waiting for you on your POP mail
? - use cool colors and formatting in your discussions ? - let your
contacts know why you're away, and when you'll be back ? Stop wondering,
and start using the greatest addon for your Messenger! Messenger Plus! 2
does all of the above and much, much more ! Every feature you've dreamed
of for your Messenger is now a couple of clicks away... so what are you
waiting for ? it's free!

What's New:

* An important problem related to compatibility with MSN Messenger 7
has been found and fixed which is why a new version is released so soon.
Anyone who uses Messenger Plus! with Messenger 7 is highly encouraged to
update to this version without waiting as this version will bring more
stability and by consequence, more fun :).
* A couple of optimizations have been made so that the contact list
of Messenger 7 displays faster when Messenger Plus! is running (those of
you with older computer will probably notice a big difference).
* Because of the (rather annoying) new file transfer block of MSN
Messenger 7, the "Share Messenger Plus!" function does not send the setup
file anymore, only a link to msgplus.net.
* Improved compatibility with localized versions of Messenger that
display names in a chat between two chunk of text (like the Polish
version). If you use such version of Messenger, you'll now be able to
fully enjoy all the feature of Messenger Plus! in your chats, including
the new emotion sounds :).
* Fixed compatibility issues with MSN Messenger's own logs. The
native logs are now properly saved every time a chat window is closed
(which also fixes the "recent chat history" problem).

Homepage: http://www.msgplus.net/

For related software, check out: http://www.arjan.org/?Internet:IRC%

Kind regards,


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Homepage: Arjan.org's Absolute Freeware Links (http://www.arjan.org)

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