Never give out you password or credit ... in MSN Messenger



Hi all,

I just got a new Windows XP notebook and reinstalled MSN Messenger e
MessengerPlus! Everything worked, but I still get that annoying message
"Never give out your passaword or ..." at the beginning of each chat. I
tried setting IMWarning to blank or something else in the registry, but
as soon as I start MSN Messenger the reg key is removed and the message
appears again! I remember that once there was an option, possibly in
Plus!, to remove it, but I can not find it anymore. Also, I noted that
my collegue here have not this message even if they have reinstalled
MSN Messenger recently or have no knowledge about registry,





I opened 5 chat and the nessage disappeared, but not permanently. Do I
have to change also the reg key IMWarning or something else ?


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