Update Loop



Trying to do updates but when I go to MS update site and my machine is
scanned I get this:

"files required to use Microsoft update are no longer registered or
installed on your computer."

With two options, Reinstall or Read about it, neither option helps. Read
about it leads to a search page and a search on the above error comes up
with a bunch of stuff on using DOS???
Reinstall then puts me in a loop. It downloads to 100% and then it registers
to 100% and then it scans and then I am back at:
"files required to use Microsoft update are no longer

Machine is Win2K pro SP4. I have disabled Firewalls and changed security
settings to every option I could. I tried in Safe Mode and disabled
everything I figure I didn't need. I re-did the IE6 SP.

Sky King


Try this: Open the Start/Run line and enter "regsvr32 MSXML3.dll" and the
Enter key.

If you receive any sort of error with the above, download and isntall this
update (may wrap):

Get the file named "msxml3.msi", put it in a Temp folder, then run to
install. Restart the computer after installing, and try WU again.

If you still get the same error, try the steps on the #2 Resolution listed




Tom "Sky" King


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