UPDATE: Location of CMOS Battery in HP Pavilion N3390 Laptop




Thanks to everyone for your responses to my request.

I am very grateful to Paul for the link below that shows the bottom of my
laptop out of the case. It is very clear from the image, the location of the
CMOS battery.


I used my dremel tool and carefully cut a square opening at the position
I saw in the image. BY GOLLY, there is the CMOS battery!!!!

The battery is in a snap in holder (no wires). It is a rechargeable 3V
# ML1220. I removed the battery and sure enough, it is run down (.6V). Since
I don't use this laptop often, and the main battery is no good, this
rechargeable CMOS battery "ran down".

After about an hour without any CMOS battery, I powered up the laptop.
This time when I press F1 or F2 after getting the time/date error message,
there is no password prompt. I can now use this laptop again.

I will get a new rechargeable ML1220 CMOS battery, then leave the
laptop plugged in (AC adapter) for several hours to charge it.
Note: I will put a plastic cover over the opening.


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