Location of CMOS Battery in HP Pavilion N3390 Laptop




This HP Pavilion N3390 laptop is over 10 years old.

I have replaced the RTC/CMOS batteries on some of my
old laptops, and it is a big help if I know in advance the location
of that battery.

I failed to find the location of this battery on the web for my HP
Pavilion N3390 laptop. Note: I was ripped off at www.eservicemanual.info
when I was misled with their claim to have a service manual. What I paid
for turned out to be a user manual (I already have).

I will be very grateful to anyone who can tell me the location of the
CMOS battery.

Thank You in advance, John


HP Pavilion N3390 laptop

I did a Google search and found this:

The cmos battery is on the left hand side up near the power button
UNDERNEATH the motherboard... be careful not to rip the solder pads off
when getting to it. I would assume they are very delicate.

John Smith

David H. Lipman said:
This isn't a hardware group. There are many newsgroups for such issues in
the alt.comp.* hierarchy...

** If you have to ask, then you should probably get a certified tech to do
the service.
Good Answer Dave
A certified tech is the way to go for a Laptop..

Now if it was a Desktop,
I believe we can give same good info..

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