unzipping multiple compressed files at one time



how do i unzip/extract from a group of several zip files to a single
directory - without going through them all individually...

used to be able to do this with Winzip. e.g. highlight the group of files,
right-click, select Unzip (or Decompress) to Folder...and winzip would just
extract from each of the .zip files to the location you "browsed" to...

or something like that...



XP's zip program can't do that. If winzip does it then..................(you
guessed it) use winzip.


Xp's zip program is just a basic tool. MS can't put full blown version of a
zip program into the os if that product exists somewhere else because
someone will cry foul and say ms is trying to monopolize zip programs, then
law suits will soon follow.


Well sorry, but MS software is not all things to all
people. (And when they try to be, then there are

Many Windows users don't even know what zip files are.
The MS solution takes pretty good care of those people
by "hiding" zip files as folders.


AnonyMoose1978 said:
argh...what ever happened to progress?

but thanks...winzip is the way to go.

You expect the non-operating system fluff that Microsoft happens to
shove into their products for marketing leverage to actually support the
functionality provided by full-blown 3rd party software? Sounds more
like you're cheap and wanted to get something for nothing. Windows
includes WordPad, so did that make you abandon whatever you were using
before as your word processor? The NT Backup is a crippled version of
Veritas Backup Exec (sold off to Stomp Inc and now called Backup MyPC).
Defrag is a crippled version of Diskeeper. Disk Cleanup is a crippled
version of Cleansweep. This is news to you, that Microsoft includes
crippled other-vendor software or similar but reduced functionality for
non-operating system *utility* software?

WinZip is shareware and you are expected to pay for it if you continue
to use it. I used to have WinZip but dumped it when I discovered
certain conditions under which I can make it screw up it CRC on the
files it puts into an archive (the CRC is wrong but the file content may
be okay so you extract and ignore the CRC error). It is also much
slower than PKzip, but you have to pay for that software, too. ZipMagic
runs as an installable file system instead of as a separate utility
program but it costs money. WinRAR requires you buy it, too. I've
heard of UltimateZip but haven't used it, and it is free (unless you
want to pay to get the registration code to remove the spam banners).


AnonyMoose1978 said:
no need to get snappy - one would just think microsoft woulda
offered this by now.

Microsoft offers for sale a general-purpose operating system. That they
add fluff is NOT what you should base your decision to use that
operating system. It is up to YOU to configure the general-purpose
operating system into whatever specific use that you choose.

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