Unsecured databases now require reference to security.mdw



I'm not sure what happened on our network overnight, but this morning all of
the unsecured databases (most of which are sitting on my harddrive, just
personal databases that I use) can't be accessed. I get an error message
that Access can't find the file security.mdw on one of our LAN drives. There
is a file with that name, not on the R drive but elsewhere, and it belongs to
another database that I also use. How do I fix it so that the unsecured
databases can be opened without using the security file? Is there some
setting within Access that was changed that I can change back?

Tom van Stiphout

On Thu, 11 Mar 2010 12:36:01 -0800, Angela

Check this article:

Then run the Workgroup Administrator and select system.mdw as your
workgroup file. Search for it using Windows Find utility. I think it
may be in the windows\system32 folder. If you have several, use the
one with the most recent date.

Microsoft Access MVP

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