multiple mdws



I've secured a database with a security file called security.mdw that resides
on a network folder with the secured database.

Users can open that secured database or another unsecured database. When
they open the secured one using the full version of Access 2003 they can just
select open, search for a database and the full version opens the secured
database without prompting for a password.

I've set up icons on desktops with the /wrkgrp switch, but users also able
to use the Open option of full MS Access to open any database--secured or

Is there anyway to make sure they're not able to open the secured database
without being prompted for a user or group member password?

Rick B

Yes, secure your database.

You did not follow all the steps. Setting up User-Level security is not
just goingin to Security and adding some groups and changing their access.

You need to read and reread the security FAQ and follow ALL the steps IN

Security FAQ

The Security Whitepaper is also worth reading to help you understand.

Joan Wild:

Lynn Trapp


I beg to differ. I did follow all the steps. Somehow MS Access defaults to
the system.mdw that's on the local drive. It would be nice if you had some
suggestions as to the cause of the problem, instead of blank statements that
I didn't read the instructions carefully.

I would be nice if Microsoft produced a better product without having to go
SQL Server.

Rick B

If it is not prompting for a password, and allowing the database to be
opened using the default workgroup file, then your database was not properly

You can argue all you want, but that is a simple fact.


I didn't you were there to argue. I thought you might be trying to help.
The security faq are worthless as far as I can see.

Rick Brandt

ubu said:
I didn't you were there to argue. I thought you might be trying to
help. The security faq are worthless as far as I can see.

You are perfectly correct in saying that Access defaults to using the
System.MDW file that is on the users local drive. However if your file were
properly secured they would not be able to open your file using that MDW.

If you think about it security would be pretty useless if you had to go
around and change something on the users system to keep them out. You
should only have to change something on their system to let them in. When
done properly that is how Access security works.

You missed a step. A common one is to leave "Admin" as the owner of the


Ubu, there's no point asking questions, if you won't listen to the

If you can open a secured database using any workgroup file /other
than/ the proper one, then, you have missed a step in securing the



ubu said:
The security faq are worthless as far as I can see.
No they're not, but I understand your frustration because there's a lot to
take in. Try following the example on my web site but please be sure to
back your files up in case you lock yourself out, which is easier than you
might think.



Thanks for the responses.

The problem is that the faqs are not necessarily in sequential order. Some
documents suggest various ways of closing the holes but you have to go
through at least three different documents to make sense out of it.

Apparently the remaining issue was the ownership of the database. I created
a blank db and imported all the objects with a new Admin owner and the
problem seems to be fixed.

Reading all the documentation you just have to wonder how many other
security holes there might be--seeing how they've made a mess out of securing
the IE browser. Surely Microsoft can do better than this. Bill could surely
return some of his billions to fix this.

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