Unknown devices



In my device manager I have 2 'unknown devices' which i have been unable to
identify, update or install, I can't even work out what they are only that
they are at the following locations;
Intel(R) 82801GBM (ICH7-M) LPC Interface Controller - 27B9
Microsoft ACPI-Compliant System
Can anyone advise what they are and if I even need them



The driver for the Intel Interface Controller on my computer was installed
when I installed Vista. It's a Microsoft driver: msisadrv.sys. However, I
have a newer chipset than you do. I have the ICH8, so that likely makes a
difference, since you have the ICH7. In Device Manager, have you tried
updating the drivers in the Properties > Drivers tab? If you can't get the
proper driver, you may need to install the Intel .inf file. That file tells
the system how to configure all the hardware, etc. You can download it from
the Intel website. Try looking here:


Make sure you get the right one, because that's your responsibility.

In my computer, the ACPI configuration was also taken care of when I
installed Vista. I don't know why yours didn't install properly, but perhaps
it's caused by the .inf file I referred to, above. My computer has three
drivers listed in the ACPI Properties: hal.dll, halacpi.dll, and
halmacpi.dll. The ACPI comes under Computer in Device Manager (formerly My
Computer). Also, ACPI may need to be enabled in BIOS. Take a look there to
make sure it's enabled.

Let us know what happens,


In Device Manager, double-click Unknown Device (#1) and go to the Details
tab of Unknown Device's Properties. In the drop-down menu, under Property,
choose Hardware ID. Right-click the Value shown and choose Select All.
Copy the value and post it in your reply. It will look something like this


Do the same for Unknown Device (#2).

I, or someone else, may be able to help you identify the devices


Results from Device Manager;

Intel(R) 82801GBM (ICH7-M) LPC Interface Controller - 27B9 (unknown #1)

Microsoft ACPI-Compliant System (unknown #2)


#1 appears to be a utility driver for a (MacBook?) notebook (ATK0100 ACPI
Utility). If you have a laptop, do the special function keys (Fn) work,
for example, adjusting screen brightness? #2, along the same line,
appears to be an LCD backlight device (to control the LCD backlight on
laptops with Mobility Radeon chipsets?). What is the make and model
number/name of your computer? I'll have a better chance of finding the
right driver(s) with that info. There may be one install that will solve
both Unknown Devices.


Your absolutely correct, this is a new notebook, its an Apple MacBookPro 17",
2.33GHz Duo 2 Core, 3Gb memory, running in 32-bit.

If its any more help to you, my Windows Vista is running on one side of my
HDD and has Mac on the other side, I have it set up to run Apples Boot Camp
for OS selection, in addition I can also run Windows on top of Mac as a
Virtual machine.

Thanks for your help so far


Dean, I also posted another query related to using my Bluetooth Mighty mouse
with Vista, its a couple of entries below this one, not got any replies on
that one, do you have any clues to that as well

Thanks again for the help


As far as Device #1 goes,I think the following link should work. While the
driver is marked Asus, and for Windows XP, Windows seems pretty forgiving on
this particular driver. My Sony laptop, running Vista, uses it as well, as
a matter of fact. It might be worth a try:


A driver for Device #2 seems illusory, at least in my search. This may be
what Apple is referring to when it talks about "MacBook Pro's ambient light
sensor will not function correctly when running Windows." under the heading
"Frequently asked questions: Drivers, Macintosh features within Windows XP,
other" :


Still looking into the Bluetooth Mouse situation.



Have downloaded the driver for #1 but when I try to update the driver using
the file Vista doesn't recognise it, keeps telling me that it can't find a
suitable driver..... argh, driving me nuts now!!!!

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