Uninstalling Windows Live Messenger


Brick Wall

I have been trying to uninstall Windows Live Messenger 2009. I am running
windows XP Pro with service pack 2. I have, or thought I have removved all
traces of the program but when I try to install windows live messenger 8.1 I
get the message that a newer version of the program is already installed and
to uninstall it before trying to install it, I then get an error message
stating that windows live messenger 2009 is missing a component and
redownload it.


I guess it must be too hard to get some help on uninstalling & deleting this
virus called windows live messenger.


I'm with you. I also am having trouble with MSN messenger not installing and
not being able to re-install. I wouldn't use it, but I need it for work,

FYI - I found that the Kiwee Toolbar that gives some extra emoticons and
stuff is actually adware that was killing my computer. Upon removing that
manually (AGI, python it's called) I found it was tied to that toolbar and
part of MSN.

I thought AOL was bad?!

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