How do I Uninstall Windows Live Messenger?



I have windows messenger version 8 installed in my laptop.
I tried to upgrade to 9.0 but failed for
Coud not open key:
I search registry for F5A6-4048-9A78-7027FA6EAADD but could not find it.
Since version 8 could not sign in now, and I can live without windows
I want uninstall the Windows messenger.
Problem is it's not listed in Control Panel--> programs and features.
I remove the messenger with windows install clear up program.
But the it still in All Programs list.
I disable it with Software Explorer.

But it keep ask me to update to windows live messenger.
And I check the %Windows%/inf foldder and there is no msmsgs.inf there.

How do I Uninstall Windows Live Messenger?
Help needed




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