Tom Gallagher

I deleted a file and would like to recover it.
In old dos format there was an undelete function.
It was deleted and is not in the trashcan area???
I know where the file was and would like to change the
file to view or undelete it
Any suggestions
Please it was a group of wedding photos

Rick \Nutcase\ Rogers

Hi Tom,

There is no undelete command in WinXP. To try and retrieve your deleted
files, you would want to use an undelete utility. These are commonly
available for free, and work on the premise that the space the file formerly
occupied has not been overwritten with new data yet. Once that has occured,
recovery requires more extensive (and expensive) work with dedicated
forensic tools by someone who knows what they are doing.

This one here works quite well for basic file recovery:

Best of Luck,

Rick Rogers aka "Nutcase" MS-MVP - Windows
Windows isn't rocket science! That's my other hobby!

Associate Expert - WinXP - Expert Zone

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