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unmap Disconnected network drive

A network drive is mapped from a NAS device.
Unmap the network drive, but the status of the network drive in the "My
Computer" is displayed as "Disconnected network drive".

Message "Network drive is not existed" is popped up when click the
"Disconnected network drive".
Also failed when disconnect the "Disconnected network drive".

Could anybody tell what reason causes this phenomenon? And how to get rid of

Your help will be greatly appreciated. Xiang

unmap Disconnected network drive

Acutally I use the net use command to unmap network drive, but failed.

I can simplly describe the steps of issue I met,
1) map a network drive
2) Close the remote file server
3) Restart the local machine
4) unmap the mapped network drive using command "net use * /del"
Actual Result,
the unmapped network drive is still displayed in the Windows Explorer as
"Disconnected network drive"

Result I expected,
the unmapped network drive should be disappeared in the Windows Explorer.


I have seen this problem of an undeletable drive mapping from time to time
(It's rare) and found a solution that has always worked for me. A list of
drive mappings is maintained in the registry key below. (Usual dire
warnings about editing the registry - be careful, etc.) Delete the key for
that item and then either reboot or Log Off and then back On and the item
should be gone.


Note I don't know why this sometimes happens, but it generally will not
recur once fixed.

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