Unable to to Paste Special - Link


JR Hester

PowerPoint 07 with Excel 07 on Windows XP

I have read the posts about creating a chart in powerpoint based on data in
an existing Excel spreadsheet using teh paste special> as Link options. And
have used the paste special as link in other apps in the past. I am
speciafically dealing with a chart created from teh PPT 07 Chart tool on the
standard title/content slide layout.
I open teh excel file, copy the cells to be used, go to the slide layout,
add a chart, delete the data in spreadsheet that is opened and try to paste
special, the link option although displayed is not selectable.

Is there a step I am missing somewhere or is this option just not available
in PPT 07?

I find it much easier to create the chart in excel and link to that Excel
chart in PowerPoint. I want linked chart or chart data so that the chart is
current. I understand about having the excel file and powerpoint in the same

Thank you,



Echo S

Open Excel and just paste the data. No need to paste special.

Make sure Excel is opened before you activate the chart and copy the data
in PPT.

When you insert a chart in PPT 2007 using the chart layout or Insert |
Chart, you get an *embedded* Excel worksheet.

When you create the file in Excel and either copy/paste or copy/paste
special into PPT 2007, you get a *linked* Excel workbook.

(This is new behavior in PPT 2007 -- that is, when you paste (not just paste
special), you get a *linked* Excel workbook.)

Does that help you get it sorted?

JR Hester

Thanks Steve,

That was my point, I find the chart creation in PowerPoint to be counter
productive if you already have data in an Excel spreadsheet. Your suggetsion
vaildates my conclusion.

Thanks again to all members of this forum.


Nov 3, 2010
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So, I open Excel and copy the data, open PPT 2007 and open a Chart object and then paste the copied Excel data into the Excel Chartsheet. This data is NOT linked to the original Excel data. Am I doing something wrong? And Paste Special is grayed out, as is Paste Link. HELP!

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