Unable to send emails using my distribution lists



Hello all,

I open a new email, press the "To" button, and select a distribution list.
However when I go to "send" the email I get the following error message (An
unexpected error has occured).

There is no problem with sending other emails this way, just distribution

Can anyone help please?

Vince Averello [MVP-Outlook]

Outlook is crashing or you're getting that error from the outbound mail


Hello Vince,

How can that be, outlook remains open and usable, it is just that
distribution lists will not work. Other emails will work OK straight away.

The mail server is not the problem either because other emails are going
through OK too.

What are the steps to fix this problem?

Vince Averello [MVP-Outlook]

You mentioned an error message, I was just wonder from whence it came


I just called into this newsgroup and am having a very similar problem to
Shane. I am running Outlook 2003 SP2 having recently upgraded from the XP

I imported my old contacts along with the rest of my mailbox and everything
was OK however when I synchronised for the first time with my PDA it created
duplicates of everything in my contacts folder (except the Distribution
Lists). I then went through and deleted all the duplicates and everything
seemed ok.

The first time I came to send a mail using a number of my distribution lists
I received the "unexpected error has occurred" message. I attempted to
expand the DLs and get a message that says "Cannot perform the requested
operation. The command selected is not valid for this receipient. The
operation failed. ".

I decided that somehow in the background the DLs had been duplicated as well
but didn't appear as duplicates for some reason, so I deleted and recreated
them. This has no effect, the DLs still won't send. I am about to try
creating the DLs with a slightly different name in case the hidden duplicate
is interfering because I am using the same name.



Having just renamed all the DLs that would cause the problem, it now works

I think this confirms what I suspected, that there is a duplicate of the DLs
that doesn't show (perhaps because the Outlook database won't allow
duplicate DLs to be listed but does actually have them internally??).

Is there a tool or utility that can be run over your mailbox or contacts
that clears up inconsistencies like this??


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