Unable to Send Emails through Outlook especially outside USA



When I travel to countries such as China and try to send emails through
Outlook 2003 from hotels or offices, I sometimes am unable to send.
Meanwhile, receiving is fine. Also, using the webmail provided by my USA
email provider works fine. So the problem is limited to sending emails.

My email provider uses ports 25, 80 and 3535 to receive outgoing messages
from Outlook, and I periodically toggle through those settings on Outlook,
but depending on the Hotel, etc., none of these work. The other Outlook
settings are exactly what are required by my USA email provider.

When I try to send email, I get an Outlook error message stating: "Outlook
could not log onto the outgoing mail server (SMTP). The problem could be the
server name, your server might require authentication, or your server might
not support SSL. Verify authentication and SSL settings under More
Settings." I get the same error message when sending a test message within

However, despite this error message, all these settings are correct since I
can send fine from home using same settings, and other hotels and places in
China, etc. work, only certain places have problems and not others.

I'm not an expert, but perhaps some of these hotels are blocking these 3
ports, although I'm not sure why they would do this. Maybe there is another
explanation like the transmission is taking too long and it times out. But
then I'm not sure why incoming messages work fine, but not outgoing messages.

My email provider in USA is not able to solve this and points to problems
with the originating country I am in.

Using webmail is not convenient because:

1. once incoming email is downloaded into Outlook and is erased from
server, replying to a particular message through webmail is not possible.
Also, I don't want to have to adjust the "erase" setting each time I travel.
2. address book is not easily accessible through webmail
3. messages sent through webmail are not shown in Outlook sent folder
4. etc.

In short, I want to be able to send through Outlook worldwide, not have to
use webmail in certain places.

My question is whether there is any workaround on this, either through
Outlook or perhaps a separate utility which somehow routes the outgoing
message throuth a Port not blocked in China, etc. but then reroutes it back
to a Port through which my USA email provider can accept the outgoing message
for relay to the recipient.

Maybe I'm grasping at straws, but it is extremely time consuming and
inconvenient to have my entire email "infrastructure" on Outlook, but then
having to use webmail in certain places even though I have my computer with
me and have everything at my disposal to send and receive through Outlook,
except the networking is failing me.

Any suggestions for workarounds are appreciated.

I have a number of email accounts, so I would like to avoid laborious
resetting of settings every time I go abroad only to have to reset them again
when I return home, but if that is the only answer, I will have to bite the

Thanks for your assistance and suggestions.




Your outgoing server may require authentication, or may not permit relaying
(sending from another location)




My outgoing server does require authentication, and that is correctly
configured in Outlook. Also, it does permit relaying.

Perhaps I didn't make myself clear in my OP, but the outgoing mail problem
only happens sometimes depending on the location I am in. So, the settings
in Outlook have to be correct, because in USA and even in some locations in
China, Brazil, etc., it works ok. Only in other locations, sometimes in USA
but mostly overseas.

My suspicion is this is ISP related in the local countries. Somebody
suggested China national firewall is blocking my outgoing Outlook mail, but I
doubt that is the issue because I can send from some locations in China but
not in others, and I can receive email through Outlook fine.

Ideally, I need a workaround where Outlook can get around ports which are
blocked, or perhaps my USA email provider's outgoing SMTP server is being
blocked, although I really don't know why either of these should be blocked.

All suggestions are appreciated.

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