Unable to run successful backup - Volsnap/Volums Shadow Copy Service error


Mark W

I can not run a successful backup, using either the built in XP
Professional utility or Retrospect Express HD. The logfile for backup

Could not access portions of directory C:\Documents and
Settings\Mark\My Documents\XXX Cape Cod Vacation.
You may not have permission to open the file, or the directory may be
missing or damaged.
Please contact the owner or administrator.

In the event log there is a volsnap error:

The shadow copy of volume C: was aborted because of an IO failure.

Retroexpect shows a winerr 55 and a 1102 error - file not found

My question is how to "fix" the VSS service or whatever else needs to
be done.



Kerry Brown

That sounds like either a hardware problem or a permissions problem. Are
there any other errors in the event logs? What is the exact error message
from the volsnap error? Does the account you are using have permision to
read the files in that folder? Where or what are you backing up to?

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