unable to play any sounds



A friends computer will no longer play sounds. In Control Panel > Sounds I
tried to play a wav file but the arrow was grayed out

Trying to play a MP3 gets the message " windows media player cannot play the
file because there is a problem with your sound device
there might not be a sound device installed on your computer, it might be in
use by another program or it might not be functioning properly"

The comuter has an Asus motherboard with onboard sound. No soundcard
installed. There are no problems showing in Device Manager

I'm trying to determine if the problem is hardware or windows drivers /
codecs. Any suggestions? All I can remember is how to load the files to
run the cd player but I'm not even sure it's the right approach

Thanks in advance for any help


Andrew E.

In device mgr,expand the sound tree,R.click all sound hardware (one at a
select "uninstall" do all w/o restarting pc,once thru,close out,restart
pc.XP will
reinstall youre sound hardware on restart.If it still fails,go to
Run the Direct X tests.


I am having a similar problem and also have an asus mb.

Which solution resolved your problem? Updating drivers or uninstalling and

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