Unable to list printers, error: 0x800706BF. The remote procedure call failed



We have 3 printservers w2k SP4 which have more than 500
printqueues installed, and we get the error: "Unable to
list printers, error: 0x800706BF. The remote procedure
call failed and did not execute." when we try to list
printers via prnadmin.dll or uses PrintMigrator 3.1 to
backup printqueues remote. We suspect that the number of
printqueues installed have something to do with it. We
have a 4th printserver with the same configuration but
with less than 500 printqueues installed. On this server,
everything works fine. Does anyone have an idea to what
the problem could be???.
It doesnt seem to be a kerberos problem.

Interestingly does this not seem to be an issus on our
W2K3 printer with 1400 printqueues.



Felix Maxa [MSFT]

By default, the print spooler on Windows 2000 transfers up to 1 MB of data
in an RPC call. The default on Windows Server 2003 is 50 MB. When you have a
large number of print queues, the buffer size required in order to transfer
the data for the EnumPrinters RPC call can be greater than 1MB.

Add the following registry value under the key
MaxRpcSize REG_DWORD (desired max size in bytes, set it to 5 or 10 MB)

restart the spooler service ("net stop spooler" and then "net start spooler"
from a cmd)

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