how to install network printer without using the printer driver onthe print server



I have this odd problem.

We have a HP Laserjet 2430dtn printer attached to our print server (Win
2k3). Network users are able to install the printer on their local
machines, however, only the one with local admin. privilege can print to
it, users without that privilege can not print at all (without error
message, it only give memory error message when accessing the printer
property). I am thinking this might have to do with the printer driver.

What I would like to do is to try a update print driver when installing
the printer. But it seems that when I install the network printer, it
will also obtain the driver from the server. I can't specify the driver
location myself. I can't install the printer as a local printer using
the local port \\printserver\printqueue as I am logging in as regular user.




Get someone with Administrative rights for the printer to troubleshoot it
and check the sharing configuration.

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