unable to install windefender



hey,guys i am unable to reinstall windefender its showing error

" The installer have inssuficient access to

C:/Documents and setting/microsoft......quarantine "

i tried deleting the quarantine folder but it shows " acsess denied " i have
deleted all left over entries..from registry used tune up disk shreeder it
has deleted the files inside but not the folder ...

pls help i am unable to install windefender !!!!


Hello cybrough,

Why would you want install a rougue program?

WinDefender 2008 - Win Defender 2009 is a fake computer defense or security
programs that will trick users into buying the registered version by
displaying false info.

Please run MalwareBytes' Antimalware
to clean that rougue programs.

Scan your computer now online and clean it for free!
Look for the Broom, Clean up, also Tune Up..

To install Windows Defender try this link

Good luck



Hey Ho Engel!

School`s out !! Either that OR there has been a massive breach of security
at an institution near you?`Much rather you kept it over there if at all
possible ;)

Desperately yours,



Hi Stu,

I think the breach of security in some part of the world is the culprit.

FYI The kids in this part of the world, spend the Spring break going to
Mexico to get .....(a lot of fun ;-)
and don't have time for this nonsense. Give me a break.- try to install a
rogue program???



smile ........

"FYI The kids in this part of the world, spend the Spring break going to
Mexico to get" ..........

Laid, soused, pickled, blasted, burned both ends up (chillies) - OR maybe
just plain murdered? Yeah great! I love kids - was even one myself once.
There are days I`d like to pack the ones over here off to the most
inhospitible place imaginable for a year with nothing more than a can of

Parental thought process?

I`m doin` this for yer own good! If you`re still alive when I check back,
you`ll be a better person and show some respect ;) ...........

Patient to Doctor. I have an infection - too embarrasing to reveal all. Can
you help me with this? Pleeeease?

Some time and many revelations later .....

Doctor to patient: Hmm! Sounds like you may have Trojan:
This is a particularly nasty variant of the OS worm synonomous with an
upgrade from XP. Did you take all necessary precautions before you upgraded?
Like safe hex? Ah well yes ! I ran WinniVistaBlasterDef as advertised - it
kept popping up!




Hi Stu,

Maybe the doctor can prescribe this:

To setup a simple and clean defense layer, follow these steps:

1. Enable automatic updates (Windows + Adobe + Java, etc.)

2. Enable windows firewall

3. Usa a limited user account (LUA)

4. Setup Software Restriction policy

5. Make one baseline image (system backup)

6. Implement data backup (ex. Carbonite online backup)


I've cºpied this posting from Jesper, specially the paÑt about dealing with
a possible infection.

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