Unable to install fax service in Windows XP


David Tanzer

Hi Marcel!!! Thank you very much.
My problem was little more complicated because i couldn't set a new area
code in my Dialing rules.
It was due to a wrong value in
I am sure i never deinstall any sp or fix and, becouse i had the same
problems on two different machines, i suppose was a fix to create this
I putted the value of the key to 0 and then reboot the system.
Win xp has putted the right value and after this i was able to set a correct
area code.
After this, the fax service was installed without any probs.
Thank you again!! I waste a lot of time to try to understand the cause. I am
very surprised by the poorness of the debug log.
Bye for now.
David Tanzer

Marcel z maleho mesta said:
It is working, no not have to re-install Win :)))

Problem was in Dialing Rules, where one of my Locations "preffered one"
had no Area Code :(((((

After deleting this Location and re-installing Fax services all working
Hello all,

I think I have found why my Fax console was not working :(

I finally discovered the problem.

In Phone & Modem Options, the default location (in my
experience) has always been "New Location", and didn't
need to be changed, so I never worried about it. In my
Phone & Modem Options, for some reason, the location was
blank, and this prevented the software from using the
modem. All I needed to do was select "New Location".

That's why I have decided to re-install Fax services :(

Have changed New Location to a number and try to reinstall FAX and still
nothing :((

Hello all,

I have been trying to solve my problem and have only found that easy way
is to do clean install of XP as one I have is OEM Dell and that is where
probably the problem is as per:


But my problem is that I did not get any WinXP CD when I have purchased
my LatitudeD810 from dell.co.uk :((

Where can I get one, do I have to purchase brand new WinXP CD, or if I
provide MS with my CD Key they will send my new one?

Thank you.


David Tanzer wrote:

Hi Russ,
i have exactly the same problem!
May you send me the workaraund too??
my email address is (e-mail address removed)
Best regards.
David Tanzer
"Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]" <[email protected]> ha scritto nel
Provide me with a valid email address offline so I can send you some
workarounds to try from the developers.
Russ Valentine
in message
Actually, there is briefly Fax in Services to check (since the
uninstall caused by the failure in the installation routine doesn't
fully complete until the next reboot). However, all the dependent
services look ok, the same as the machines on which Fax did install
and is working.

Not sure how this would help. Read the original post. If the
installation routine is failing, there is no Fax in Services to
Russ Valentine

Hello Russ,

Have you checked your "Services" in the Administrative Tools
section? If not, go to Start - Control Panel - Administrative
Tools - then click on Services. Scroll to "Fax" and double click it
or hit "enter".

Then click the "Dependencies" tab and click all of the +'s to
expand each group and see if it lists any services that you may
have disabled.

If so, enable them and if necessary, start them. This should get
your fax up and running.

I hope this helps.


Jeffrey Bowen

I'll let you know if they need it.
Russ Valentine
"Manuel Lopez" <[email protected]>
wrote in message

Thanks. I can send them the whole log if they want.

Well there's at least one. I've sent your log to the fax
developers to see if they have a clue.




I installed windows xp but lost my phonetools. How can I get this installed?




Bren said:
I installed windows xp but lost my phonetools. How can I get this
Phonetools is not part of the XP operating system. It usually comes with
modem drivers or is preinstalled by an OEM (HP, Dell, etc.).


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