Unable to get chkdsk to run at boot



Recently, I noticed that chkdsk didnt run when my laptop wasnt shut
down properly. I am running XP SP 2 Pro.

I went into Dos via the CMD prompt and entered chdksk C:/f and then the
message came up asking if I wanted to run chkdsk during the next boot, I
hit yes. However, it still didnt run. I ran the ftulity to see if the
drive was dirty and it was at first. The only way it seems that I can do
a chkdsk is to select the option via Diskeeper, even then, the
defragging of the drive doesn't work at boot-time which is part of the
diskeeper option. The chkdsk option doesn't work via My computer either.
Running a partial chkdsk c: from the command line works but it tells me
that I need to run it at boot as some inconsistencies were found.

On my desktop running the same OS it too won't run chdksk if there is a
problem in shutting down but I can run it manually. Both notebook and
desktop have had partition magic previously installed.

Any suggestions?

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well, because you mentioned
partition magic then you may
suspect this program.

if i'm not mistaken, it is the
master file table that is affected;
because by their design both
partition magic and checkdisk
access the master file table.

thus, if the mft ultimately fails
then your "ntfs will crash".

as a precaution i would begin
the process of transferring your
personal files onto a cd or dvd
or something because there is a
high risk of failure.

normally, one could try using
any windows cd and boot into
the recovery console and run
a check disk at the disk prompt.

perhaps, because your diskkeeper
can run a checkdisk successfully,
then you might try this recovery
console method.

but if it were me, i would
simply do a repair installation

try either method above.


as a suggestion, i would toss
partition magic into an active
volcano and use acronis disk
director program.

acronis is not only a more
reliable partitioning program
but it also is able to recover
crashed ntfs's as well.



I think you may be right, I have to do a repair or reininstall. I am trying
to get into the pure Administrator mode and it's taking forever. In
addition, the drive isn't being able to be dismounted for some reason.
Booting is stuck in Mup.sys. Still haven't gotten into pure Admin mode.


perhaps consider mounting your drive as a 'slave' in another computer,
transferring your personal files/data before attempting anything.

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