Stuck in XP Pro Boot Checkdsk-Boot-Chkdsk-Boot loop




How do I stop my main XP Pro workstation from continuing its endless Chkdsk
H: /f (clean results) Chkdsk C: (clean results) -> auto-reboot cycle

The cycle began with actual corrupton on both volumes (I blame BitTorrent
for causing/exacerbating this corruption).
I scheduled a boot-time chkdsk /f for both C: and H: volumes (with a full
surface check).
Thr first time through, it did fix quite a number of issues on each.
WHen it was done with C: (the second drive it did), it auto-rebooted, and
rolled right back into the chkdsk process again.
Now, the workstation is stuck in this boot-chkdsk-boot-chkdsk-boot... loop.

Is there an out short of creating some sort of arcane Windows pre-install
boot-up CD to let me back into my workstation/registry?
These chkdsk's seem to launch so early in the boot process that there are
none of the usual boot-time options seem to be presented to me.

any ideas welcome.

Grandpa Mark


Sorry - the info in that KB article (nor in any of the others linked to it)
does not help.
There is currently not any means of gaining any control of the computer at
this point.
My only options during boot-up are upon hitting F8, to make any of the
alternate boot-up selections, but they *ALL* get hung up by falling back into
the Chkdsk/f process ...which ends in a spontaneous reboot immediately
following the successful, error-free time-consuimg 5(6 actually)-pass
chkdsk/f-ing of C:.
Trust me, I've tried all the options (safe mode -command prompt seemed to
hang up after loading the drivers list, but the HDD activity lights seemed to
refelct that the chkdsk was still happening, just not displaying).

I have constructed a BartPE disk in an attempt to gain enough control of the
system to hack the registry erntries which are controlling the autoChk's
Chkdsk/f settings and stop them from running.

Why the successful completion of a chkdsk/f that fixed problems, and several
subsequent passes with no errors/fixes have not successfully reset these
registry entries as they are supposed to - is another question to be explored
after I finally do regain control of the workstation.

- GrandPaMark (Ye Olde IT Geezer)
Nov 23, 2009
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Any resolution to this problem?

It's been a few months since the last post here Grandpa Mark, did you solve your problem? If so, how did you do it. You've explained my exact situation. I'm sitting here booted up with Bart PE, but now I'm not sure what to do to regain control of my computer. I can get into the registry, but don't know what to do. Any help is appreciated.

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