unable to enter safe mode



Win XP home SP2 -using familiar F8 method, unable to get past list of
drivers-- hangs at that screen. I see several troubleshooting suggestions,
would appreciate a guide to what to do first. NB: I created post yesterday
in Office Communities re: Word docs refusing to save, and was going to try
Word in safe mode as test. Now i think this is bigger than Word. Other
background: I suffered a crash a few weeks ago & did system restore; first
warning signs prior to that was the same Word symptom as now happening.

Andrew E.

With pc start,enter the BIOS,install xp cd,set to boot to xp cd (1st boot
device),at xp boot screen menu,tap r key for recovery console,at recovery,
type: 1 For C:,press enter key for password,type: Fixboot Agree,type:
CHKDSK C: /R Once its thru,type:EXIT Let xp start,remove cd.Also,other
option,at xp cd boot menu,instead of r select "install xp",select
"repair this


I apologize for not replying, but was waiting for any further ideas, as I
have OEM version of XP and only the manufacturer's system restore disk set.
The options are Total Install which sets PC to factory settings, or Partial
Restore which preserves data (not other software). I don't see how to
perform any boot operation short of Restore.

I suggest we drop this thread, which is in the wrong sub-category anyway.
You have responded to my new question which incorporates this one, (also in
wrong sub-category). We can either continue there or I will re-post in
General Discussions if nothing new shows up. Thanks for your help.

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