Windows XP Reboot loop/unable to load safe mode. Help!

Mar 2, 2012
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Hi! This is my first post here, but I couldn't find anything about it...I was running the disk cleanup, and a bit after it was done, an alert bubble popped up saying I need to run chkdsk. I decided to do so, then I restarted. When I did, my computer became stuck in a reboot loop. The message said “Windows could not start properly” and gives me the option to boot into safe mode, but even if I choose to run safe mode, it will just reboot. No matter what I choose, it’s stuck in a continuous loop, and I can’t restore from the last good known configuration. Can anyone help me? It won’t even load to the welcome screen, I can’t get my disk try to open, either. I have a Gateway 2003 Win. XP Home Edition. Please help!


Master of Logic
Oct 3, 2008
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Choose the option to turn off automatic restart on error. Your maching is throwing a BSOD error and in order to begin assisting you, we need what is on that screen. Not all the words. Just some of the key stuff. The red arrows show you what is most important. After that, you probably need the Windows disc so that we can get to the recovery console.


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