Unable to connect to device using smart device auth util.

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Patrick Martineau \(388254\)

i'm not able to connect to my device using the smart auth util. The
utility is installed on my device it connect using the utility on my
computer but when I try to connect in the IDE, I got an error saying that
the device is not present !

Any idea ?

Patrick Martineau





Paul G. Tobey [eMVP]

You need to be more detailed in your description. The right procedure is:

1. On the device, run sauthutildevice.exe and note the IP address(s)
displayed. Press the Start button.

2. On the PC, run VS.NET 2003 and launch the Smart Device Authentication
Utility from the Tools menu. Enter one of the IP addresses which was
displayed on the device and hit Connect.

If this does not work, you're going to need some more detailed help. I'd
start by capturing the network traffic on the PC side and see what's going
on. Is the device rejecting the connection attempt? Is the connection
being made, but closed forefully by one end or the other? Or is there some
type of authentication key problem or something?

Paul T.

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