Unable to Archive Items (Outlook 2003)



When I try to archive items, in any folder, I get the following message:

Error while archiving folder "[folder name]". You are attempting to archive
your data to a Microsoft Outlook 97-2002 Personal Folders file (.pst) which
is a non-Unicode data file. To preserve multilingual data, you must choose a
Unicode data file, such as the Microsoft Office Outlook Personal Folders File

So, I renamed my archive file to archive-old.pst. When I opened Outlook, it
advised that there was no archive file. When I tried to create one, it says
(in part) that the format of the file is Personal Folders File (97-2002).

What do I have to do in order to be able to archive my Outlook 2003 items?


You need to create all new pst files, using File/New/Outlook data file, and
pick the 2003 format.


Theres no need to create a new archive pst, one will be created next time
archive runs.
You probably have the old Archive file open within OL, which is why OL
complains (You renamed it)

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